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Vicinity of Banks Road in Tallahassee
A quote for Radon mitigation for a residence st the above address, it has an easily accessible crawl space.
Vicinity of Twain Dr in Tallahassee
Vapor barrier and rodent proof mesh behind the vents and doors of the crawl space
Vicinity of Dunkeld Place in Tallahassee
Basement water intrusion and crawl space moisture.
Vicinity of Willowbrook Lane in Tallahassee
A Radon Home inspection on a house we are looking to purchase was conducted and revealed average levels at 6. The home has a crawl space and a number if issues to include brown and white mold. The home currently has a moisture barrier on the ground in the crawl space but only convers roughly 70 percent of the area. The home is listed to have 4596 sq ft but the actual crawl space may be closer to 2000-2200 square feet. Is encapsulation necessary or are there other mitigation remedies available? What are the potential costs associated with any remediation methods?
Vicinity of Godfrey Place in Tallahassee
Bought this house in September. There is a dampness and musty smell in the house
Vicinity of Thackeray Ln. in Tallahassee
I have a two story house here in Tallahassee, of about 3,000 sq. feet, with two HVAC units (upstairs, downstairs). I am exploring the possibility of installing a "whole house" dehumidifier on my upstairs unit, since humidity makes me uncomfortable throughout much of the year, especially when the AC is not working much (Spring, Fall). I would like to get advice on this and an estimate for different options that may be available.
Vicinity of Cypress Ct in Tallahassee
Interested and n radon testing
Vicinity of Journeys End in Tallahassee
I want to seal my crawlspace with the white rapper not sure if I'm saying it correctly and check for mold and check for air quality in the house
Vicinity of Ox Bow Circle in Tallahassee
Our HVAC maintenance representative recommended our crawl space be encapsulated by a professional due to the high humidity and heat in our location. Our unit is under our house. We need something installed that is also tough enough for animals not to tear through. We have had some serious mildew issues. For the most part our perimeter wall is impermeable but, there are some places where animals. Have been able to dig in.
Vicinity of Myers Park Dr in Tallahassee
I am interested in getting a quote to encapsulate the house crawl space.
Vicinity of Vinnedge Ride in Tallahassee
My family has been getting sick off and on for several months. All with coughs, and allergy symptoms. We have tried everything and want an inspection for mold.
Vicinity of Ox Bow Circle in Tallahassee
We are having some cupping on our floors. Sam came out and said he can't tell what the culprit is and recommended we call you. We have our house on the market and want to address these issues quickly if possible.
Vicinity of Shadowlawn Drive in Tallahassee
Excessive moisture in the house, high humidity, mildew, hardwoods floors buckled, window waterfalls, sick of it.
Vicinity of Roscrea Drive in Tallahassee
No concerns at all. Just want to seal up our crawl space.
Vicinity of E Dellview DR in Tallahassee
Crawl space is full of condensation, floors are cupping as a result.
Vicinity of Carter Trl in Tallahassee
Sump pump/drain system in the basement area
Vicinity of Garner Court in Tallahassee
Inspect & Evaluate crawlspace of soon-to-be home
Vicinity of Deer Lane in Tallahassee
Do you do Radon and carbon monoxide inspection ? How much the charge and what is your next availability? Thanks
Vicinity of Old Chemonie Road in Tallahassee
Musty smell in wall by front door. Concerned roof is leaking and has caused mold.
Vicinity of Tupelo Terr in Tallahassee
Looking for help with our crawl space
Vicinity of Dorset Way in Tallahassee
We have a raised home and found some mold under the home. We are looking to have the space reviewed and solutions offered. We had a quote done by our pest control company, but they would only be able to offer solutions, but not cleaning services. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Tallahassee
We have a Great Clips store that continuously has an odor problem. We've brought multiple plumbers in and all drains have been capped. We've done 2 smoke tests and found and resolved issues. We are now hearing that the odor is back. We've had the store run water through floor drains. They mentioned that it now seems to come in from the back door where there is a metal pipe the odor seems to come from. They've also stated they get a sewer smell through the sinks. Is this the kind of work you do? Can you bring in some kind of detector that could tell what and where the smell is coming from?
Vicinity of Bowman Drive in Tallahassee
House stinks no matter what we do, think odor is coming from crawl space. Also have a son who seems to be getting sick from air quality Thank you
Vicinity of Centerville Rd in Tallahassee
I have a mold a high humidity in the crawl space of my house.
Vicinity of Lambert Lane in Tallahassee
Buckling/humping of hardwood floors
Vicinity of BROOKFOREST DRIVE in Tallahassee
I would like to have my crawl space cleaned and lined. I have an old HVAC ducts that I would like to have removed and replaced. I have an HVAC contractor if you don't do installs.
Vicinity of Skipper Lane in Tallahassee
I have a ranch style house with a crawl space that is approximately 4 feet in height. The house was built in 1979 and we would like to get a price to seal it and ventilate it as well as possible. It is an "L" shape and will need approximately 2750 square feet ground coverage. With approximately 3 1/2 feet tall and 252 feet long of block coverage.
Vicinity of Fermanagh Drive in Tallahassee
Looking for a free estimate what we can do with our Crawl Space which has a lot of humidity and some mold/fungus. Rain intrusion as well.
Vicinity of Myrick Road in Tallahassee
Need estimate for mold remediation and crawlspace encapsulation
Vicinity of Idlewild Drive in Tallahassee
I'd like to schedule a radon test please.
Vicinity of Dyrehaven Dr. in Tallahassee
Vicinity of Roweling Oaks Ct. in Tallahassee
Moisture under off grade house. Dealing with the groundwater runoff issues now but need an estimate on mold issue on floor joists and vapor barrier installed.
Vicinity of in Tallahassee
I am a Realtor and have a listing on Donovan thats under contract and a home inspection was done and shows it has crawl space issues with water intrusion and such and would like to have you evaluate and give an estimate. Please call me with any questions and let me know when your able to go by as the property is vacant. Thanks
Vicinity of Fermanagh Drive in Tallahassee
Rain water coming into crawl space area
Vicinity of Bannerman Road in Tallahassee
Plumber found mold and puddle of water from an unknown source. We have new wood floors that are cupping.
Vicinity of Victory Garden Dr in Tallahassee
I am interested in getting a vapor barrier in the entire crawl space in our new home. There is some in areas but I am interesting in getting a quote and repair so it can be done throughout
Vicinity of in Tallahassee
I live in an apartment and am concerned about water damage from upstairs. The complex has not addressed the problem. I am looking for someone to look at it, see if I have mold and document it for me so that it can be addressed.
Vicinity of Burnt Pine Lane in Tallahassee
Moldy/mildew smell
Vicinity of Spottswood Drive in Tallahassee
My wife and I have a crawl space underneath our house, and we noticed what appears to be mold growing on some shelf space.
Vicinity of Tina Dr in Tallahassee
Water seeped through front wall to the base board inside house
Vicinity of Collins Drive in Tallahassee
I am interested in an estimate for installing a vapor barrier in the crawlspace of my 1,725 sqft house.
Vicinity of Foxcroft Dr. in Tallahassee
Need removal of falling insulation and an inspection of crawl space under house. Then a plan on what we find
Vicinity of Country Club Drive in Tallahassee
Installing new AC system into crawl space where current system resides. Interested in options to manage the crawl space environment.
Vicinity of Longview Dr in Tallahassee
Vicinity of Waters Meet Drive in Tallahassee
We recently purchased a house with mildewy smells in certain areas of the house. The home inspector noted water intrusion in the crawl space and associated mold/mildew. The sellers hired a pest company to spray the 'brown mold' but the smells are still there and nothing was done to prevent future problems. We would like to budget for improvements.
Vicinity of Florida Ave in Tallahassee
We have moisture in the crawlspace and want to have it remediated this month.
Vicinity of ARVAH BRANCH BLVD in Tallahassee
Mildew, and moisture in crawlspace
Vicinity of Hawkins Street in Tallahassee
My house has a damp smell that I believe is coming from my crawlspace. Crawlspace appears to be damp and insulation is falling down.
Vicinity of Oakfair Drive in Tallahassee
I have bought an older house that has crawl space, getting ready to do some renovations and when taking out the kitchen flooring noticed mold at the base of my cabinets. I want to make sure it is fixed correctly and get a quote on sealing the crawl space. Thank you.
Vicinity of Lee Avenue in Tallahassee
Older house built 1948; constant musty smell and dampness in house. I would like to remedy, but I am concerned that if we encapsulate the crawl space if will damage the wood floors.
Vicinity of Armistead Rd in Tallahassee
Looking for a quote for a radon mitigation system install (crawlspace)
Vicinity of Foster Drive in Tallahassee
In need of radon mitigation. There is a system in place from a previous homeowner but it is not effective enough. 1200 square foot, single story home.
Vicinity of Belmont Trace in Tallahassee
I have purchased a one story townhouse in Tallahassee that I see mold growing on the underside of the floor on the support beams in the crawlspace. There is approximately 1000 sq. ft. total with an average of 3' of crawlspace height. I need to address this issue before I begin my renovations and two companies have referred me to your company.
Vicinity of Beechwwod Knolls in Tallahassee
Looking for a true resolution on this problem
Vicinity of W Pensacola St in Tallahassee
Water damage in home from leak has saturated wood flooring for over a month or 2 (suttle/constant leak) and concerned about exposure to any environmental toxins, mold, mildew development as member of household has jeopardized immunity system and highly allergic to mold.
Vicinity of Marston Place in Tallahassee
Fungus, mold, insulation etc
Vicinity of Lakeshore Dr. in Tallahassee
Looking for a Radon Mitigation system.
Vicinity of Blue Jay in Tallahassee
Vicinity of Helene Ln in Tallahassee
Mold issue in closet. need vapor barrier in crawl space.
Vicinity of Delvin Dr in Tallahassee
Looking to price a crawspace entrance.
Vicinity of Capital Cr NE in Tallahassee
My client has a property under contract and the Radon Test came back high. I would like a quote for a radon mitigation system for the property. Its a single story, slab on grade, 1886 sqft. Address is 1555 San Luis Rd, Tallahassee, FL. 32304
Vicinity of Mockingbird Dr in Tallahassee
My home has tested at a radon level of 4.6 and I'd like to install a mitigation system.
Vicinity of Beard Street in Tallahassee
Vicinity of Chayes Lane in Tallahassee
We have some mold present around AC vents. The house has 3 AC systems and each has a similar issue. We already have a mold test to verify it is mold. We are looking for a bid to remove the mold before we start a renovation project. Please let me know if you can come and review the situation and provide a price. Thanks
Vicinity of Ted Hines Ct. in Tallahassee
Possible mold or mildew in bedroom closet.
Vicinity of Rose Road in Tallahassee
Evaluate the crawl space at my home.
Vicinity of Sharer Rd in Tallahassee
I had a termite inspection today and while in the crawlspace (which was sealed by the previous owner through you all) they noticed parts of the seal were not installed correctly and the dehumidifier had stopped working. I would like to have you all come out and take a look and discuss correction options. Thank you
Vicinity of Tapley Trail in Tallahassee
Moisture in crawl space??
Vicinity of Dunwoody Street in Tallahassee
Possible radon levels requiring mitigation at a condo. Please call.
Vicinity of Tuscavilla Rd in Tallahassee
We have concerns we may have mold in the air ducts/vents or possibly walls and are hoping for an inspection and quote for remediation if necessary
Vicinity of Lee Ave in Tallahassee
Radon levels are too high.
Vicinity of Cedarwood Trail in Tallahassee
Looking for a price on a radon test as well as how soon it can be done. Thanks
Vicinity of Delores Dr in Tallahassee
I would like the free evaluation as well as an estimate on how much it would cost to get my entire house inspected.
Vicinity of St. Joe Rd in Tallahassee
Want to explore insulating under our house.
Vicinity of Ryamond Diehl Rd in Tallahassee
I need to obtain an estimate for Radon mitigation (4.5 pCi/l). The address listed is the location that needs to be serviced.
Vicinity of McKeithan in Tallahassee
Water intrusion, possible wood decay in duplex crawlspaces. 8 buildings at 502 McKeithan in Tallahassee. Planning to install gutters to redirect water. Would like to review options.
Vicinity of Rosehill Drive West in Tallahassee
Wood decay fungus located by pest control in crawlspace. I am looking for suggestions on how to best fix the issue.
Vicinity of Spottswood Dr in Tallahassee
Crawl space humidity issues but looking for an alternative to encapsulation.
Vicinity of Wekewa Nene in Tallahassee
Musty smell in home, poor energy efficiency, considering encapsulating the crawlspace.
Vicinity of Overlook Dr in Tallahassee
Hi there, I bought a new home and it has a crawl space and I did a inspection myself and noticed few white rots. I would like your team to take a look and provide me a quote and some options to fix the same. Please feel free to call me for further details. Regards, Tamil
Vicinity of Adwood Drive in Tallahassee
Husband has had a nagging cough for six months, but only when he comes home. Tonight he had severe allergic reaction. HELP
Vicinity of Harbert Street in Tallahassee
My crawl space is retaining so much moisture that my hardwood floors above have buckled and the subfloor is soaked. Before replacing the hardwood floor, I would like to figure out how to control the moisture in the crawl space so this does not happen again.
Vicinity of Yancey in Tallahassee
After rains we have water flowing in crawl space
Vicinity of Timber View Street in Tallahassee
Space is being treated, but air ducts (will be replaced) are in crawlspace and musty odor in home, would like to explore encapsulation of the space. roughly 1800 sq feet home.
Vicinity of Reading Lane in Tallahassee
Excess moisture in crawl space under house
Vicinity of Heniard Dr in Tallahassee
Damp crawl space under the house
Vicinity of Barbara St in Tallahassee
Wdo damage in crawl space.
Vicinity of Willow Springs Lane in Tallahassee
Can you help us? We need to have mildew stains removed under our house. We installed a dehumidifier system and complete vapor barrier in the crawl space several years ago and had the floor joists and subflooring treated. We have contract for sale and the home inspector saw the old mildew stains - we need to remove those stains. Our address is 3517 Willow Springs Lane, Tallahassee FL 32312. Thanks you in advance to your response, Sterling Carroll Cell:
Vicinity of Ox Bottom Road in Tallahassee
I have a moisture problem in crawl space and need to get estimate for extent of the problem and solutions
Vicinity of Kells Ct. in Tallahassee
Crawl space moisture
Vicinity of Blockford Ct in Tallahassee
Recently had a test done that indicated mitigation was needed. Looking for quotes
Vicinity of Easton Glen Drive in Tallahassee
Estimate on radon mitigation
Vicinity of Yashuntafun Road in Tallahassee
I have moisture in my crawlspace. I got an estimate from Capelouto for encapsulation. I would like to get an estimate from IEM for various options to address the issue.
Vicinity of Hoffman Dr in Tallahassee
Crawl space repair
Vicinity of Maylor Road in Tallahassee
We own a home with moisture getting into the crawl space and causing some fungus growth. We'd like to get an estimate for waterproofing the crawl space.
Vicinity of Tralee Road in Tallahassee
Uneven floor boards in home and potential moisture issues in crawl space, interested in estimate for vapor barrier, etc.
Vicinity of Nutmeg in Tallahassee
Is radon present in 2995 nutmeg court, what are the danger in living there
Vicinity of North Monroe Street in Tallahassee
We need radon mitigation for a condominium unit in Tallahassee.
Vicinity of Bobbin Mill Road in Tallahassee
I'd like a quote on a crawl space clean out and encapsulation. Thanks.
Vicinity of Brookwood Drive in Tallahassee
-Moisture from crawl space -Odd smell in one specific room that also grows mold on certain porous items -uneven flooring -wall cracks *if calling, please only contact between 10am-3pm. I most likely will not answer an unknown number, so please leave a message or send me an email. I very much look forward to meeting with one of your staff.
Vicinity of Ivanhoe Road in Tallahassee
Radon test indicates levels over safety. Home has encapsulated crawl space.
Vicinity of Greenwood Drive in Tallahassee
Needing an estimate for a crawl space encapsulation and interior drain system.
Vicinity of Heritage Ridge Rd in Tallahassee
Radon levels in our home.
Vicinity of Andrew Jackson Way in Tallahassee
Would like an estimate for radon mitigation.
Vicinity of Carraway Street in Tallahassee
I have concerns due to humidity in the home.
Vicinity of in Tallahassee
Water intrusion in crawl space. Air quality of enclosed porch.
Vicinity of Havenbrook in Tallahassee
We've had the property inspected and it has high levels of Radon. We are pricing the cost of treatment.
Vicinity of in Tallahassee
We work in an old home, there are 4 women who are all having allergy issues. Can you please come check it out?
Vicinity of Buttercup Way in Tallahassee
I have an off grade house in a wetland area and have recently experienced some floor warping. I am interested in finding a way to mitigate under-the-house moisture, but crawlspace cannot be fully enclosed.
Vicinity of Millstone Plantation Rd in Tallahassee
Moisture in crawl space under my house
Vicinity of Limerick Dr in Tallahassee
Considering encapsulation for moisture and cooling costs. Also considering a few jacks in a couple of locations
Vicinity of Whetherbine Way in Tallahassee
Mold in AC unit, and on ceilings.
Vicinity of Ingleside Ave. in Tallahassee
Looking for a quote on dealing with an often-wet crawlspace.
Vicinity of ARGONNE RD in Tallahassee
We registered a 4.2 on our test and need to have a mitigation done before selling our house.
Vicinity of Sinclair Rd in Tallahassee
Crawl space moisture
Vicinity of Rabbit Hill Road in Tallahassee
Would Like to replace the sumps in our basement. Email is the best way to contact me. Jolita
Vicinity of Portsmouth Circle in Tallahassee
Need wood rot fixed in certain areas around the house including an area in the crawl space.
Vicinity of Tansey Ct in Tallahassee
We had a leak in our tiny attic and mold started growing in it. Now that the roof has been replaced and the leak fixed we need the mold identified and eradicated. Damp rid containers were deployed to mitigate mold growth.
Vicinity of Airport Drive in Tallahassee
I am interested in basement waterproofing, basement finishing and mold remediation
Vicinity of Spruce Avenue in Tallahassee
We recently purchased our home and it has a musty order to it and we want to have it checked for mold.
Vicinity of Camden Road in Tallahassee
Mold and/or formaldehyde gas.
Vicinity of Addison Lane in Tallahassee
Measure possible formaldehyde toxic fumes from laminate flooring.
Vicinity of Wadesboro Rd in Tallahassee
We would like an estimate for new insulation and vapor barrier in the crawl space beneath our house. Thank you.
Vicinity of Branch Street in Tallahassee
Our raised foundation home has uneven floors and some of our support beams in the crawl space may need to be replaced.
Vicinity of Lakeshore Drive in Tallahassee
Leak in basement. About 20 feet needs to be dug out outside and foundation sealed on outside. Has digging preferred to save landscaping.
Vicinity of Napoleon Bonaparte Dr. in Tallahassee
After very heavy rains, an odor is present in the front part of the house. It is likely water is seeping into the crawl space.
Vicinity of Chadwick Way in Tallahassee
Mold issues under house in crawl space.
Vicinity of Thornbergy Dr in Tallahassee
Would like to have someone come and look at my crawl space and provide me some options with estimates to remediate moisture on the RIM joist that is causing some molding.
Vicinity of Wiggington Road in Tallahassee
I am currently renting a property that has a continuous mold issue. I have addressed my landlord regarding the issue. I just need to know what type of mold is currently in the home so that I may present the finding along with medical bill that I feel is due to the the mold that is infesting the home.
Vicinity of East Georgia St. in Tallahassee
Mold in basement
Vicinity of Grassroots Way in Tallahassee
Possible mold/dampness in crawl space of house. My family has had lots of recent respiratory illnesses and I'm concerned that they might be associated with dampness under the house and possible mold growth. I'd be interested in your free inspection. Thanks!
Vicinity of Windsor Way in Tallahassee
Called and left a message. Spoke with Benson. Good reference. Would like a proposal for our crawl space.
Vicinity of Dayflower Circle in Tallahassee
I would like someone to come check some mold growing in my crawl space. In addition, I suspect that I have mold growing inside one of my bathroom walls.
Vicinity of KILLEARN POINT CT in Tallahassee
Mold and fungus on woods of the crawling space about 3,000 sq.feet. How much will be cost to treat them.
Vicinity of Hawthorne Street in Tallahassee
We are having drainage issues in our crawlspace. It never seems dry. We would like to correct this problem but aren't sure where to begin.
Vicinity of St. Leonard Drive in Tallahassee
With heavy rains in Leon county above our crawl space smells musty. After looking under house there is some saturation. Need help
Vicinity of Wekewa Nene in Tallahassee
To reduce the flood insurance premiums, we need to install flood vents totaling 622 sq. inches in the crawlspace.
Vicinity of Tarpon Drive in Tallahassee
I have had a discussion with a local pest control person who advised that I have a significant 'moisture' problem and possible mold problem brewing in the crawl space of my home. You were recommended by a friend of mine as having the ability to remedy things as such and to advise me accordingly as well. Thank you.
Vicinity of Verdura Way in Tallahassee
I would like an estimate in regards to keeping our crawlspace as dry as possible. Thank You
Vicinity of Parkbrook Cir. in Tallahassee
I have mold growing in my bathroom and would like recommendations and a quote to alleviate the problem. Please email or call after 5 pm.
Vicinity of S. Monroe in Tallahassee
Vicinity of Whetherbine Way E. in Tallahassee
Upstairs bathroom has a high ceiling and stays humid. Mold has slowly been growing on walls and ceiling and is getting out of hand, even with attempts to remove.
Vicinity of Ramsgate Drive in Tallahassee
We are in the process of purchasing a home and during our prepurchase inspection, we were told of some mold concerns in the crawl space as well as the HVAC system. We are interested in pricing out the repairs before we purchase the home.
Vicinity of Barbary Drive in Tallahassee
I am renovating this 1972 house as a rental. The HVAC air handler and duct work are in the crawl space. I have seen signs of rodents in the house. The interior air quality is poor (smelly).
Vicinity of Waterford Drive in Tallahassee
Crawl space moisture build-up that could lead to mold. One section of floor joists above crawl space has some coloration that may be a sign of a potential problem.
Vicinity of Roberts Avenue in Tallahassee
We are the owner/operator of an apartment which has green mold on the kitchen cabinets. There is also mold/mildew in the bathroom. We would like to know how much it would cost to remidiate the entire apartment.
Vicinity of Waterford Dr. in Tallahassee
My husband and I both seem to be "fighting allergies" (stuffed up, sore throat, runny nose, itchy eyes) but this has been going on since the spring. When we go away the problem subsides a bit which makes us wonder. We have two cats but don't think that's the issue. We have been having problems for about 6 months but prior to that exerienced no problems. The crawl space is concerning us...
Vicinity of Conner Blvd Bldg in Tallahassee
I would like to request a quote for crawl space humidity repair.
Vicinity of E Virginia St in Tallahassee
I have an emergency situation that requires a certified mold inspector. Mushrooms are growing in the carpet.
Vicinity of Devils Dip in Tallahassee
We are having a mold mildew problem in our bedroom. We have lived in this house for over five years and have never had an issue with moisture. I purchased a small dehumidifier but the problem seems to be getting worse. Our bedroom is over the garage and it has a separate A/C unit. We had an A/C guy take a look at the air ducts and and he did not see any mold. Please help :)
Vicinity of Tamarack Ave in Tallahassee
Mold removal on a house thats been close up for about 2 years
Vicinity of Chee Ln in Tallahassee
One room has gotten wet , with the outside interior is soft you can push your finger threw it. The smell is so bad through out the house . I asked the landlord to fix the problem and it hasn't been fixed yet. Could you please have someone to come and look at the sitiuotion.
Vicinity of GARDENVIEW WAY in Tallahassee
I just remodeled this home and need a quote to seal the crawlspace and dehumidify. access holes on back and side of home... master bedroom access under porch. lmk asap thanks
Vicinity of Dora Avenue in Tallahassee
Mildew on the wall in the bathroom of a home we just purchased. Though the home seems very dry, we may want to ensure no mold or mildew in places we could not inspect.
Vicinity of Galimore Dr in Tallahassee
Cold floors in the winter . Crawl space not insulated.
Vicinity of Noble Drive in Tallahassee
Plastic sheeting vapor barrier in crawlspace under house has deteriorated and needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of Thornhill Lane in Tallahassee
We reccently purchased our current house back in December of last year and before we purchased it, they had to treat for brown mold in the crawl space. Also the grade of the property allows water to collect underneath the house and harbor mosquitos. I noticed that when the "fixed" it, they laid a vapor barrier on top of another and this is where the mosquito and water are being held.
Vicinity of Sharkey Street in Tallahassee
Would like to get an estimate for an assessment of a single family rental home that we suspect may have mold issues due to a roof leak.
Vicinity of Sharon Road in Tallahassee
50 year old home on crawl space - has terrible utility bills and some mold though not much
Vicinity of Maylor Rd in Tallahassee
I'd like to get an estimate for sealing and insulating my crawl space. The area is approx 11000 sq ft. It is currently bare earth and the house has a concrete block, vented foundation. Thank you in advance. -Jeff

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