Testimonials for Indoor Environmental Management

  When John L. was trying to sell his Tallahassee. FL home. a home inspector told him that the fiberglass insulation that was once installed in the crawl space, between the floor joists was in really bad shape and under such conditions, it was impossible to make a proper assessment. John L. had insulation removed and a second inspection revealed even more problems: there was mold and dry rot was beginning to compromise the structure. The high humidity was causing condensation and water was dripping from the air ducts onto the floor, creating puddles on top of a newly installed moisture barrier. In an attempt to find someone to fix these problems, John called several contractors. HVAC companies. Indoor Environmental Management and another area company that provides crawl space encapsulation services. "Only Indoor Environmental. not only said they would cover all of the basics: fixing the wood rot, fixing the moisture. the duct work, and basically cleaning it all up. They were also going to guarantee it for the future." -- explains John. "Going with Indoor Environmental, everything was finished, everything was done, the price was definitely better than having each thing done separately. So I can't recommend them anymore than that!"
John L. of Tallahassee, FL
Our frame house is located right on the river and has a basement. Its size is approximately 1,500 square feet with about 1/3 on soil and 2/3 on concrete slab. The basement was quite damp and during strong rains could take on about 2 inch of water. The old sump pump could minimize the damage, but the accumulative damage was pretty strong. Especially in a frame house the structure is very susceptible to water and the damage and odor travels throughout the house. When we bought the property last fall we decided right away that this has has to be fixed right away. After researching a couple of companies we decided to go with IEM. They were courteous on the phone and were ready to dispatch a specialist the next day for a free estimate. PJ arrived at our house and did a thorough inspection. Since nothing had been done in the 100 years before (except for the old sump pump) and our location right on the river he recommended to encapsulate the basement and install further water barriers around the property. So in detail they performed the following: Basement Encapsulation: ---------------------------------- - remove old insulation, regrade the dirt, clean and disinfect the subflooring system - dig a trench around the perimeter of the basement - install a pipping system and and backfill the drainage system - remove all 15 windows units and replace it with newer windows - install drainage matting throughout the basement ground cover - remove old sump pump and install a sump pump with 2 failover systems - ensure all trench systems feed into the sump pump for max efficiency - install a 20 millimeter thick polythene membrane on the ground - install the polythene membrane on the wall to a height of 4 feet - install an industrial sized dehumidifier to eradicate any further excess moisture Foundation Wall Repair: -------------------------------------- - remove plants, pavers and anything else which might interfere with work progress - excavate soil around foundation wall completely around the building to about 2 feet - clean and prep foundation wall surface - repair mortar joints and concrete block surfaces - apply a coating of surface bonding cement to all foundation wall surfaces - apply commercial waterproofing compound on all of the surface areas of the foundation wall and footer- install a french drain system and a discharge line around parts of the perimeter   The contract price was set fixed at around $45k and IEM estimated a 2-3 week time frame. During the project Clay and his amazing team encountered tons of unanticipated issues. The strong roots from the trees around the building had disintegrated the walls much more than was visible at first. Many bricks where simply hollowed out and Clay and his team were rebuilding a good part of the wall foundation completely from scratch. Since we're located in a historic district IEM could not simply install new windows, but were painstakingly remodeling each of the 15 windows by hand (sanding down, paint in previous color, sand clean each glass plate, fix all joints) and now those historic windows look like new. IEM also took care of getting the permits from the historic society to make the necessary changes. Clay and his team worked highly professional and efficient. Nevertheless it took more than double the anticipated time to finish the project. All the trouble with the windows was neither in the contract nor was it anticipated. Nevertheless IEM did not charge us a dime extra. I can highly recommend IEM. They were very professional, tremendously courteous, and surprisingly inexpensive regarding all the work that had to be done. Moreover, there were so many aspects to consider and it was great to have the same points of contact for all those issues (Clay and PJ). Both were very responsive to any concern and addressed them all. Moreover, even the company owner and basement guru John come out several times to make sure everything went smoothly. We feel very happy that we chose IEM. Our once damp basement which was ruining our frame structure is now a dry basement and solid for the next 50 years! The odor is completely gone and the whole house should get less hot in summer and less cold in winter. 
Tanju C. of Jacksonville, FL
Thursday, April 14th
Just a note to tell you how appreciative I am for the effort you have put forth for me in the matter of the mold on the floor joists of the home I am selling. Selling a family home is always stressful but to find it has issues that I was unaware of raises the stress level. You have my genuine gratitude for the serviceand attentiveness you have provided. Thank you!
H. S. of Tallahassee, FL
Friday, June 26th
I am a very satisfied customer of Indoor Environmental Mgmt. John Hassler and the entire team were true professionals. They went above and beyond to insure that our crawl space concerns were addressed.  He (John) took ownership of the problem which gave us confidence that the remedy (encapsulation and structural) would be done the right way even if it exceeded the original quote. Additionally, our job was completed ahead of the schedule and I have never seen such a hard working implementation crew as Carlos's team.  Everyone we dealt with at IEM was responsive and professional.
Richard G. of Tallahassee, FL
Monday, July 20th
Thank you for the letter.  It is exactly what I wanted.  Our experience working with IEM has been excellent.  Everyone has been profession, hard working and polite.  I told Jodie that it reminded me of the good ole days.   J. Clay 11/16/2018
Mr. C. of Tallahassee, FL
Thursday, April 18th
Testimonial Photo by Sandra R.
To everyone at IEM, Thank you, thank you, for your very propt service and wonderful crawl space reconditioning, everything was great! Highly recommend to anyone who needs this job done! 
Sandra R. of Tallahassee, FL
Tuesday, December 1st
It was about a year after we bought our house we started to notice flooding in the basement. On a consistent basis whenever it would rain back to back we would get about an inch and half to two inches of rain and then it would slowly go away. Then after one very heavy rain the basement had about 7 or 8 inches of standing water; you can see the line on the basement walls. It was finally time to call a professional. We first reached out to the previous owner of the home to see if they recommended anyone, and they gave us Mr. Hassler’s name. We also met with other groups and did some research. When we did a walk thru with Mr. Hassler I was more than pleased with his outstanding knowledge and historical data of the problems. He not only knew some ideas of where the problem could be coming from, but he also knew information regarding the rain patterns. Apparently when the house was built there was not as much rain as we get now. He explained that the detailing of the house needs to be updated for the upper trending of rain in our region. I was very pleased to have him on board. At the beginning of the project, Mr. Hassler gave me a quote for the entire job. Not one time did he ever change that quote or add expenses that were not discussed with me prior. I thought that was very honorable, and would love a chance to work with him again, but hopefully we won’t need his help or services! At first I was nervous about the pump because of the amount of water, I wasn’t sure if it would work. We turned it on during a super heavy rain and it worked like a charm. The basement already feels drier. Mr. Hassler is such a great guy, I have already referred him and Indoor Environmental Management to my neighbors and co-workers. 
Donald G. of Tallahassee, FL
Friday, June 19th
Indoor Environmental Management installed French drains for me recently.  From the beginning the plan was well conceived, carefully thinking out the solution to my wet basement and how to implement a solution.  The teams doing the work were headed by Justino and Carlos who did a competent, thorough and perfectly executed job.   They were very reliable and I highly recommend them.  Excellence is how to describe the whole process. Susan 
Susan K. of Panama City, FL
Friday, February 7th
Andy; Just wanted to give you a quick report and BIG thank you.After all the rain we have had this week, our crawl space is DRY! I crawled under the house this morning and could not find any wet spots. The pump is working well and sending water out onto the driveway - as designed. The system is working perfectly. So thank you. In the past, we would have had significant standing water until I hooked up the pump. Also, with the dry system and dehumidifier, I do not have to worry about mold growing!Just wanted to let you know Andy and thank you. Have a great weekend.Cheers – Steve
Steve S. of Jacksonville, FL
Wednesday, May 15th
You were willing to educate me. I really got a lot out of the book you sent me. Our architect and subcontractor are also very impressed with the quality of your work. Thank you.
Marie S. of Lake Butler, FL
Friday, May 9th
Indoor Environmental Management did some great work for me.  I spoke to the owner, John Hassler, Sr, and the next day they were out at my house getting to work.  I never even saw the crew since I was at work all day, but I could see the progress they were making.  At the end of the job, they left the work area clean.  I didn’t have to pick up any mess at all.  I’ve been very happy with the work they did and I would definitely recommend them to everyone I know.
Ward H. of Tallahassee, FL
Thursday, May 30th
Andy; Thanks for the prayers for my mom. We are just taking day by day. I am sure there will good days along with some bad, but as long as she is comfortable and still here with us we are thankful.Boy that insulation was looking rough. We are so glad we had you do the work and we will definitely recommend you and your company. It has been a pleasure doing business with you Andy.Thanks again for everything!!Lisa
Lisa N. of Valdosta, GA
Monday, April 1st
Thanks Andy really appreciate your concern for your clients, follow up, & everything else u do to do a good job.  You are a real asset to your employer.  You have my permission to fwd to whom ever you choose.   Emory D.
Emory D. of Alachua, FL
Monday, July 1st
"John, Thank you! You were extremely helpful to me! -Valerie"
Valerie B. of Tallahassee, FL
Thursday, February 25th
Greetings.  Now that the flood risk is over and things are getting back to normal, I just want to say thanks.  It meant a lot to know that if I needed to have the equipment moved from under the house that your company was on stand-by to do so.  I am very grateful.   Thanks! Tania
Tania P. of Tallahassee, FL
Tuesday, April 26th
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