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Gainesville, FL Crawl Space Repair Experts

If your crawl space is damp, moldy, or rotting you and your family could be exposed to health risks. A properly sealed crawl space keeps your crawl space dry. We use the CleanSpace® Crawl Space Encapsulation System which can provide moisture control for a crawl space of any size. Some of our products and services include:

Reliable Basement Waterproofing

Getting water in your basement can be a very frustrating thing. Having to worry about water every time it rains is stressful and annoying. At Indoor Environmental Management we understand how you feel which is why we have been dedicated basement water proofers since 1981. Our tested waterproofing system is one of the best in the business and because of that we are confident that we will find a lasting solution to your problem. If you have a wet basement don’t wait any longer to get the help you deserve. To learn more about basement waterproofing cost, call or click today!

Mold Prevention to Keep Your Home Safe

If you are experiencing any type of problem with mold it is crucial to have a professional take a look at the issue as soon as possible. Mold can be an incredibly harmful substance that can negatively affect your family’s health and your home too. At Indoor Environmental Management we have several mold Prevention experts that are incredibly talented when it comes to finding solutions to stop harmful mold regardless of where it may be in your home.

Expert Radon Mitigation & Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that occurs when uranium in soil decays. Radon can be incredibly harmful to you and your family’s health, in fact, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer – second only to cigarette smoke! The worst part about radon is that it is undetectable and symptoms only surface once it’s too late. We know that you may be thinking, what can we do? The answer is that there are several options ranging from depressurization, filtration, and ventilation. However, the first thing that we always suggest in Radon testing. To learn more about radon mitigation cost, call or click today!

At Indoor Environmental Management, we offer a full line of radon mitigation services to control and treat your radon gas problem. If you live in Gainesville and need your home tested for unhealthy levels of radon gas, contact our experts. We specialize in all radon mitigation services including radon testing and provide detailed information about the harmful gas.

The EPA guidelines state that radon levels of 4pCi/L or higher should be treated immediately. Let our experts test for radon and provide solutions to keep your home healthy with these following services:

  • Radon Mitigation
  • Information on What Radon Gas Is
  • Radon Testing
  • Indoor Air Cleaner
  • Vapor Intrusion Mitigation
  • Radon Mitigation System Inspection
  • Dehumidification Systems

Call us at 1-844-385-8479 or fill out a free estimate form online to receive more information about crawl space encapsulation, radon mitigation, mold prevention, and more in Gainesville. We want to keep you and your family safe and help fix your home before it's too late!

Work Requests From Gainesville, FL
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
Stop water for coming in side the house at retaining wall and drainage
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
I'm interested in learning more about your air quality test. I don't know if we have a problem - there are no obvious issues. No water damage, etc. But, I've been getting bad headaches at home and congested I'm the morning and my husband's allergies seem to be worse at home. I think we could have some mold in our shower, but I'm interested in learning more about the different air quality tests you can run.
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
I would like to get an estimate for radon measurement in our house. We already have a vent for radon but i don't know if it is working well. We just moved in this house. I d need an extimate of cost for measurement
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
Wondering about a mold inspection
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
Hi. My husband and I are under contract to purchase a home in Gainesville that just tested above EPA limits for radon (4.6). We close on the home on May 28 and would like to have radon mitigation installed as soon as possible after closing. Thanks!
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
Radon test and mitigation installation is needed.
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
Need radon mitigation 1300 sq home on concrete slab
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
We are in the process of trying to sell this property. A potential buyer requested a Radon Test and our levels were high above acceptable.
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
Just conducted a self radon test and received the result of 5.7. Need a free estimate for a radon mitigation system.
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
Utility bill, humidity, and comfort.
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
Moisture in crawl space under home
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
A radon inspection on our home as reported an average radon concentration of 14.0pCi/l and we would like a quote for installing a radon mitigation system.
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
1930s cottage; need crawl space insulated; access to the crawl space is narrow, so would also like to look into widening that
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
Hello, We would like to request a quote to install a radon mitigation system. Our house is 1400 square feet and was built in 1990. We are under contract to sell the house, so we need the estimate right away if possible. Thank you!
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
I am interested in crawl space encapsulation and in insulating the underside of my floor/sub floor within the crawl space.
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
Questions and quotes for either moisture barrier or encapsulation in crawl space, moisture prevention and pest prevention
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
Need Quote for Radon Mitigation System
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
We are looking for a quote on a radon mitigation system in a 2500 square-foot 1964 house with a crawlspace. The levels are only at 6.2.
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
When it rains we have water coming thru the walls recently. This is for a hotel. We need to see what the issue is and get a quote to fix it.
Project Location: Gainesville, FL
I need a radon mitigation system installed.
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